Plasma Pen for a Non-Invasive Facelift


Everyone ages. It’s a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean that signs of aging are always welcome.

If you’ve started noticing more visible signs of aging in your face, you may be interested in new wrinkle treatment options. Maybe you’ve noticed the skin around your eyes, cheeks, and jaw starting to droop a little.

Plasma Pen could be your solution to mild to moderate wrinkles or sagging skin. Our team at BevelUp in the heart of Tampa, FL, wants you to know more.

What Is the Plasma Pen?

The Plasma Pen is an FDA-approved, CE-certified device used to perform fibroblast therapy.

The results of the Plasma Pen are lifted, tightened, rejuvenated skin. It’s essentially a non-surgical, non-invasive facelift.

How Does the Plasma Pen Work?

To understand how the Plasma Pen works, you need to understand the innovative concept of fibroblast therapy.

Fibroblast therapy is an aesthetic procedure used as an alternative to injections, lasers, and surgical therapies. It works by targeting fibroblasts in your skin.

Fibroblasts are collagen-producing cells located in your dermis, which is the middle layer of your skin. These cells play a crucial role in many functions, including wound healing and maintaining the firmness and tightness of your skin.

Plasma fibroblast therapy (the Plasma Pen) discharges a high-frequency electric current to a localized treatment area of your skin.

During treatment, the tip of the Plasma Pen device doesn’t actually touch your skin, but its targeted current can still create small micro-injuries in your skin. These micro-injuries are only about 0.4 mm deep, maximizing your comfort.

Because the sterile probe is ultra-fine, the Plasma Pen can offer precise results.

By creating micro-injuries, the Plasma Pen activates your fibroblasts, which in turn stimulate collagen production.

Plasma Pen Benefits

The Plasma Pen is not just a wrinkle treatment. It can also help treat acne scars and age spots as well.

Because the Plasma Pen works to stimulate collagen production, it helps your body create new tissues that can heal or fade scarring and improve your skin’s overall tone and texture.

The increase of collagen results in more elastic, stronger skin, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Why Is It Important to Stimulate Collagen Production?

Collagen is necessary if you want firm, glowing, youthful-looking skin.

What is collagen? It’s a protein that helps protect the overall integrity of your skin. Collagen makes your skin strong, thicker, and more elastic.

Everyone has collagen in their bodies, but after about age 30, your supply starts to decline. As you continue to age, your body’s collagen stores continue to deplete, and the production of new collagen becomes slower and slower.

This loss of collagen is why aging skin becomes gradually more wrinkled, thin, and saggy.

Can the Plasma Pen Tighten Skin?

The Plasma Pen is proven to help tighten skin as well. This is why it’s referred to as a non-invasive facelift.

In most cases, when patients receive a surgical facelift, sagging skin is actually permanently removed.

Since the Plasma Pen tightens the skin around your eyelids, jawline, neck, and mouth areas, it addresses sagging skin and therefore eliminates the need for surgical intervention.

Can the Plasma Pen Contour Your Face?

As the Plasma Pen tightens your skin and your body continues to generate new collagen, you may notice some degree of contouring in your face. Your jawline may become sharper, and your cheeks may become plumper.

It’s not uncommon for our patients to notice some facial contour changes after receiving Plasma Pen therapy.

What Happens During a Plasma Pen Wrinkle Treatment Procedure?

Your Plasma Pen procedure may vary slightly depending on your needs and goals, but appointments typically follow some basic steps.

It starts as we cleanse your skin at the treatment sites and apply a topical numbing cream to increase your comfort.

Then we perform the heat procedure, during which the pen generates microcurrents that create small scab-like dots on your skin.

After treatment, we will typically apply a cooling gel. Overall, the procedure can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Plasma Pen Recovery Process

Because the Plasma Pen is non-invasive, there’s no downtime involved. However, there will be visible dots on the treatment areas while your body works to generate collagen.

You can usually expect the dots to scab over and naturally fall off after about one week after your procedure. As your skin continues to heal and regenerate, you will notice tighter, firmer skin.

How Many Sessions Does the Plasma Pen Take?

In most patients, the Plasma Pen only requires one session.

However, everyone’s body is different, so depending on your body type and your age, it may take more sessions for your skin to ramp up its new collagen production.

If you don’t see results after your first session, it probably won’t take more than three sessions to get your desired results.

Are You a Candidate for Plasma Pen Therapy?

The Plasma Pen is safe for nearly every skin and body type. However, it’s most effective when treating mild-to-moderate wrinkles on the face.

You may not be eligible for Plasma Pen therapy if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have skin infections in areas where you want to receive treatment.

Plasma Pen Non-Invasive Facelifts in Tampa, FL

Our team of medical experts at BevelUp in Tampa, Florida, are experts in anti-aging aesthetic procedures.

With years of combined experience, we consistently deliver high-quality results that generate high patient satisfaction.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Plasma Pen or want to schedule a consultation, reach out to BevelUp today.


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