How Long Does Kybella Last?


A double chin can happen to anyone, no matter your age or weight. In many cases, it can be very hard to get rid of using the traditional methods of diet and exercise. Luckily, there is an easy and non-invasive treatment called Kybella available. This series of injections can rapidly melt away the fat in your chin area. Here at BevelUp in Tampa, FL, we offer this solution either on its own or in combination with other rejuvenation therapies.

How Long Does Kybella Last?
Fat cells are created in our teenage years, but we can't produce more of them once we're adults. That's why this treatment is considered a permanent solution, and you'll only have to go through the process once. The permanent nature of treatment is one of the main reasons why so many of our patients opt to have their submental fat removed. Unlike most other beauty treatments, you can enjoy the results of your injections for the rest of your life.

Despite this, you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your chin area looking its best. If you gain weight, your features will alter again, and you may develop a double chin again. However, this will be much smaller than it was the first time because many of the fat cells simply won't be present anymore.

How Does It Work?

Submental fat is the extra layer that forms under your chin. It's often referred to as a double chin, and this condition can significantly affect the way you feel about your features. In fact, the majority of people with submental fat are unhappy about this issue and have experienced a reduction in their self-esteem. If this describes you, you might benefit from treatment.

The injections include deoxycholic acid, a substance that is synthesized in a lab, but also occurs naturally in your digestive system. Thus, your body will recognize it as beneficial. When we inject deoxycholic acid into your chin, it can break down your fat cells. Once they have been damaged, your lymphatic system will remove them from the area and secrete them as a waste product. This is a completely natural process, as cells die in the body every day.

How Long Until You See Results?

The results of your treatment won't be instant but will instead appear over the weeks and months following your injections. This gives you and those around you time to adjust to your new appearance, and nobody will be shocked by an instant transformation. In most cases, we suggest that you come for 3-4 sessions, each one 4-6 weeks apart. However, we will discuss your treatment plan with you before getting started.

Most of our patients start to notice the first changes around the time of their second or third appointment, and these gradually increase over time. After 6 months, you should have achieved the final results.

Who Can Benefit?

Now that you know how permanent Kybella is and when you can expect your results, you may wonder whether or not you can take advantage of this method. Fortunately, it is a non-invasive treatment, which means that there is no surgery or general anesthesia involved. As a result, the majority of people will be eligible to participate.

Before we decide on a treatment for your esthetic concerns, we will invite you to an initial consultation. At this time, you will tell us all about your issues, what you have tried before, and what you are hoping to achieve. In addition, we will look at your medical records. We can then advise you about which treatment or combination of methods will produce the best results for you.

Your Struggle With a Double Chin

The most important factor to take into consideration is your concern about your double chin and how long you've been struggling with it. If you have developed this condition because of issues with your weight, we may tell you to change your diet and exercise pattern first. Deoxycholic acid injections work best when you've already achieved your target physique because any weight gain or loss can affect the end results.

However, many people develop submental fat despite being at a healthy weight. This could be because of genetic factors, as you're more likely to have the condition if other family members also struggle with it. It can also be one of the areas that are resistant to weight-loss measures, or it can be related to the loosening of tissues due to age.

Your Age

Most of our patients struggling with a double chin are over 40, but the problem can occur at any age. This is especially true if you suffer from it due to genetics, which is why we offer treatment to adult patients of all ages. If you're still a teenager, we recommend that you wait a few years to make sure no new fat cells can grow. Otherwise, you risk having to repeat the treatment later on.

As you grow older, your body will produce less collagen, and your skin may start to sag. This often results in a more pronounced double chin because the skin is no longer as taut as before. If you're in your 40s, 50s, or 60s and are noticing more pronounced fat deposits in the area, this is normal, but it may be unpleasant for you. To solve the problem, you can come in for a consultation to see whether Kybella is right for you.

Your General Health

Before deciding whether a deoxycholic acid injection is right for you, we will also take your general health into consideration. As mentioned, the treatment is not invasive, so most people are eligible. However, we will ask you to delay your appointment if you have an infection in the chin area, are currently pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

Your Treatment

We can make your session quick, easy, and painless for you. In fact, most of our patients return home on their own, and some even go back to work straight away after treatment. Let's explore what you can expect during your appointment, how you can best prepare for the session, and what you will need to do to maximize your results afterward.


At your initial consultation, we will come up with a treatment plan and discuss preparation with you. Fortunately, there isn't much you have to consider. However, you will need to stop taking any blood-thinning medications in the days leading up to treatment. This will ensure that your injections are safe and that you won't have negative side effects.

On the day of your treatment, you should wash your face thoroughly to eliminate the risk of infection. We also ask that you don't apply makeup to the local area, so we have good access to the treatment site.

The Appointment

Your treatment session shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes. When you arrive, we will apply some numbing cream to the area, which allows you to have a pain-free and pleasant experience. This may take several minutes to start working, and once your chin is completely numb, your practitioner will start the injections. In most cases, you will need 2-3 vials of the deoxycholic acid per treatment and 3-4 treatment sessions.


When we've completed the injections, you can leave the clinic and drive yourself home or back to work. We suggest leaving the treatment area free from makeup for some hours, but you can wear a sweater or scarf to cover it up. In the days following your session, you should avoid blood-thinning medications, exposing your chin to direct sunlight, but you can apply ice packs if you feel the need.

In the long term, you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent your double chin from reappearing. Although many of the fat cells will be melted away and unable to return, we won't remove all of them. Gaining a significant amount of weight could prompt the condition to return. Get plenty of exercise, choose a healthy diet, and follow a nourishing skincare routine.

Regain Your Naturally Beautiful Profile Now

If you're struggling with a double chin, Kybella could be the treatment for you. This simple and quick solution uses deoxycholic acid to melt away your fat cells permanently, so you won't have to return to the clinic for a top-up. To get started, contact us today at BevelUp in Tampa, FL. We will be thrilled to welcome you to our clinic and discuss your options.


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